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RobinHood now

Currently Robinhood is a pool that shares 100 % of the it's forged blocks reward ! Nowadays, Robinhood is distinguished by two major peculiarities, first : the earnings cap ; gains of big voters are distributed to the small one. Then : the bonus mechanism to enjoy the 100% reward. The current algorithm is that a voter cannot earn more than five times the average earnings of all voters. The capped gains are distributed among the other smaller voters. Furthermore, there is a bonus/malus mechanism based on the vote of partners : the voters' earnings that do not vote for LiberSpirita and (in addition to RobinHood) are penalized by 40%.


Bonus of + 100%

The sum of the penalties is divided among the voters of LiberSpirita and (and RobinHood).

A small voter who also votes LiberSpirita gets a return that exceeds 100% (120% to 170%) thanks to the earnings cap.

Big voters are still disadvantaged compared to what they can get from other pools.

The partners (LiberSpirita and do not earn a penny on RobinHood, on the contrary, they participate in maintaining a high reward redistribution !


RobinHood in the future

Around november 19, 2017, the forged block reward will fall from 5 LSK to 4 LSK ! That means a 20% reward reduction !
RobinHood does not want this affect its voters !
So, what to do ?
As of the 1st of october, LiberSpirita will publicly formilize its partnership with ! It does mean more Lisk to RobinHood's voters. Indeed, as soon as the reward falls, in mid-november, LiberSpirita and commit to pay 1 additional LSK per forged block.
That is, the RobinHood Pool will pay 6 LSK per forged block instead of 4 LSK ! Either way a 150% gain !

Vote for all 3 delegates

Earn more than 150%

You can chose

Here is a short summury which gives you the different options available in order to maximize your reward !
Note : in order to get the biggest reward, as of mid-november, make sure to vote right now !



Nothing ...
You do not vote for one By not voting for one of these three delegates, you are depriving yourself of a fine Lisk reward !




Penalty !
You do not maximize your reward because you don't vote for the partners LiberSpirita/, a -40% penalty for you !

RobinHood LiberSpirita



Well done !
This is the best choice !

You get 120% of the forging reward ! Indeed, as of the 1st of october, offers 1 LSK per forged block to RobinHood pool !

But it's not enough !

RobinHood LiberSpirita



Since the reward reduction day, approximately the 19th of november,
this is 6 LSK of forging reward
(instead of 4 LSK) if you voted for the 3 delegates.

RobinHood, LiberSpirita and !

It's far more than 150% !


We have gathered here a few questions and answers that some voters arise ... If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

To vote, nothing more simple, log on to your account using Lisk Nano (or the online wallet). A tutorial is also available here.

Not so bad ... But at the 1st of october, if you don't vote for, your reward will decrease !
Only voters who voted for RobinHood, LiberSpirita and will get the extra bonuses !

No worrie, you already get an huge reward ... But by the 1st of october, you could get even more ! So think about voting

Nothing is easier, after you have voted, go here to check how much you've earned.

Hell no ! As said before, RobinHood is not affiliated with other pools such Elite or GDT group !

Just go in the contact page or join us on the Lisk chat.