Sherwood pool in a nutshell

Sherwood pool World


Nowadays, Sherwood is distinguished by two major peculiarities,
- First : the earnings cap ; gains of big voters are distributed to the small one.
- Then : the bonus mechanism to enjoy the 100% reward.

The current algorithm is that a voter cannot earn more than twelve times the average earnings of all voters. The capped gains are distributed among the other smaller voters.
Furthermore, there is a bonus/malus mechanism based on the vote of partners : the voters' earnings that do not vote for Liberspirita,, Phoenix1969 and (in addition to Robinhood) are penalized.

Sherwood pool bonuses


The sum of the penalties is divided among the voters of Liberspirita,, Phoenix1969 and (and Robinhood).

A small voter who also votes all required members gets a return that exceeds 100%.
Big voters are still advantaged compared to what they can get from other pools.

The partners (Liberspirita,, Phoenix1969 and participate in maintaining a high reward redistribution !

Sherwood pool is the most profitable pool so far !

Sherwood winners

Return of investment

Currently Robinhood is a delegate that shares 100 % of its forged blocks reward !

In addition, there are the earnings of the other Sherwood fellows :
Liberspirita, and Phoenix1969 shares 50% * of their forged blocks reward ! will share 50% when in forging position.

You want to earn even more ? Help us to push some Sherwood associates (4Fryn and LiskAscend) to the top !

* will increase after block reward reduction

Vote for all Sherwood fellows

Earn the biggest Lisk reward

Sherwood's organization

Sherwood Core Team

The core team

The Sherwood core team is actually composed by the following active forging delegates :

- Robinhood - Liquidity delegate.
- Liberspirita - Founder, nodes and databases manager.
- - Lead communication and nodes manager.
- Phoenix1969 - Minions fan and nodes manager.
- - US lead communication manager.

The core team is required to get the full reward ! If you do not vote for one of those members, you get penalized.

As those fellows are in forging position, they share Lisk to the Sherwood voters and the Sherwood fund.

Sherwood associate

Sherwood associate

As we do not want to force voters to support a new member, let introduce you the Sherwood associates.

The Sherwood core team strongly support all Sherwood associates :

- 4fryn - IT Engineer.

- LiskAscend - Group of Lisk blockchain supporters and crypto activists.

The rules are simple : when an associate reach the top 101, he must share at least 50% of it's forging reward.

Sherwood mandatory

The "required" things

Because we truely think our voters deserve the biggest Lisk reward, we also need your support !
That's why we set the "required rule" for all our Sherwood associates.

When an associate gets by itself enough votes (voting power), it become required. In other words, we will ask all our voters to support it to avoid the penalty.

We will make some airdrops and donations to help voters to change their vote without loosing Lisk.

So help us for a better Lisk reward !

List of Sherwood delegates

Here is a short summury which gives you the different options available in order to maximize your reward !
Note : in order to get the biggest reward, make sure to vote for all Sherwood fellows !

Robinhood Liberspirita Phoenix1969

Core team


Best choice !
You vote for all Sherwood fellows (core team).
You get the full Lisk reward, one of the most profitable pool so far !

Robinhood will share 100% of its forged blocks FOREVER !
Liberspirita shares 50% of its forged blocks reward ! shares 50% of its forged blocks reward !
Phoenix1969 shares 50% of its forged blocks reward ! will share 50% of its forged blocks reward !



+ 50%

4fryn is an engineer with expertise in software project management, quality assurance and technical communication. After discovering the Bitcoin tech stack, he used to work as a contributor for Bitshares, Darkcoin core developer and was extensively involved with community management for Ethereum in the early days, especially on Stack Exchange.

He likes the disruptive nature of the blockchain technology.

Last year, he was invited to a Lisk-research group at Rlevance due to his experience as blockchain engineer and was rewarded with the "Best Lisk SDK Idea Award".
He now has been around for a while working on different projects among the other Lisk Builders such as the Arch Linux bindings or the "Lisk.rb" Ruby Gem.



+ 50%

Blockchain whisper
LiskAscend is a team of talented developers, system engineers, marketers, designers, trainers, course developers, and others seeking to utilize the Lisk network’s forging positions to enable them to apply their diverse skill-sets to make consistent and substantial contributions to the Lisk ecosystem, and to secure the Lisk network.
Ascend's core values : The security of the Lisk network is a forging delegate’s highest responsibility. Lisk’s forging positions are best held by delegates who make consistent contributions to the Lisk ecosystem, while employing best practices to secure the Lisk network. A delegate’s contributions to the Lisk ecosystem should be easily discernible by the Lisk community. Delegate pools should not occupy more than 50% of forging positions on the Lisk network. Forging delegates should share at least 50% of block rewards.


Join the pool

+ 50%

Wanna join the pool ?


We have gathered here a few questions and answers that some voters arise ... If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

To vote, nothing more simple, log on to your account using Lisk Hub (or the online wallet). A tutorial is also available here.

The Sherwood core team is composed by 5 Sherwood fellows and active forgers : Robinhood, Liberspirita,, Phoenix1969 and
A Sherwood associate is a Sherwood members (part of the pool); but not "vote" required.
Required vote means you have to vote for it in order to get the full Lisk reward.

Robinhood, Liberspirita,, Phoenix1969 and

Nothing is easier, after you have voted, go here to check how much you've earned.

When a Sherwood associate gets enough vote by itself, to prove its good work to Lisk, he become mandatory.
When an associate is required, every Sherwood voters have to vote for it.

Just go in the contact page or join us on the Lisk chat.
You can also join us on Telegram.