How to vote ?

Since the lastest version of the Hub Client, available here, it's easier to vote for !
Here are a few steps in order to vote.

  • Create your wallet

    You must first create a Lisk wallet with the Lisk Hub client or the Lisk Hub client. Keep your private key secret !

  • Get some LSK

    To vote, you will have to spend 1 LSK, so you must first of all get some Lisk to vote. You can buy them on Bittrex or Poloniex.

  • Vote

    For exemple, in the Lisk Hub client, you can now vote in the "vote" tab. Select up to 33 delegates per vote. Do not forget the Sherwood fellows.

  • Wait

    Depending on the chosen delegates, payments will be made automatically. RobinHood will pay the rewards when your balance reaches 1 LSK. Check here.

  • Enjoy !

    Have you voted for RobinHood, LiberSpirita,, Phoenix1969 and Great, you are assured to maximize your return on investment. You can now support the Sherwood associates : 4fryn and LiskAscend.

How to vote in 5 imaged steps using Nano client :


Download the Lisk Hub


Create your wallet


Go to the Voting tab


Choose RobinHood, LiberSpirita et


Click on "Vote" and voilĂ  !